Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has A-1 Driveway Replacement Company been in business?

The owner/operator of A-1 Driveway has been in the concrete industry since 1974; in 1997 he started A-1 Driveway Replacement Company in order to specialize in driveways and work directly with homeowners.

2. Is A-1 Driveway Replacement Company insured?

We carry general liability and workmen’s compensation insurance, and we provide our insurance agent’s contact information on your written estimate.

3. Will you provide references?

Certainly, we will provide a minimum of 3 references (included on your written estimate), and we will try to insure they are near your location.

4. How long does a driveway replacement project take?

We can replace 95% of driveways in 1 day. If it is expected take more than 1 day, your estimator will tell you during his visit.

5. When can I drive on the new driveway?

This depends on several factors: the type vehicle you drive, the compressive strength of the concrete, environmental conditions, etc. However in most cases you will be able to drive on your new driveway after 5-7 days.

6. When does the concrete turn white?

This is subject to environmental conditions, but it will begin to lighten within 2 days.